Better mornings for self-leadership.

Eat your veggies first, not that dopamine sandwich.

The few things I don’t like as much as a hectic morning.
To me, it feels like someone pushed you into cold rapids without a warning, before you had a chance to get some air.
You lose your sense of direction and control, you keep tumbling and spinning.
I want to get in there slowly, mindfully; on my own terms.

“Pay yourself first”

You might have heard that term before in the context of money (David Bach), but it’s just as relevant for energy, time, and focus. Start the day before you have to.

Craft a productive routine that acts as a focused funnel, grounds you, and supports a productive mindset.

I like to start with meditation, sun exposure, getting my space in order, and planning.

Better morning, greater self-leadership

Transform that hard, bland, mundane task into a mindfulness practice.
You want to surf your dopamine, not drown in it. Don’t let it hijack your day. Your tomorrow starts today

For years I believed I was not a morning person. It turned out to be not entirely true. I just had to go to bed earlier and tweak my routine by
befriending my future self.
What is usually stressing you in the morning that can be fixed the night before?
– prepare your outfit and breakfast
– make a to-do list for tomorrow to avoid decision fatigue

You are here, you really are.

Effective self-leadership can start with better mornings; a balancing act of knowing where you want to go, and acute awareness of where you are right now.
How you start your day can have a big impact on the rest of it. Invest your attention well and reap the benefits.

If you start your day with better mornings, you will have much better odds of being the Captain of your ship.

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