how to change
Springing into Personal Spring.
Incubation & Doing Less to get more done. Just because you can't see it does not mean it's not happening. Hello, ...
how to change
Why Change is Hard -And Why “Just Do It!” Doesn’t Cut It.
How we change and why we don't. Part 1 of many. Days are longer, brighter, and spring is on the horizon. There’s some h...
social media fatigue
Algorithm-Fed, Starving for Connection and Meaning.
The Social Media Fatigue I had other plans for today than write this, but felt like sharing some thoughts still. So...
Why We Should All Channel Our Inner Futurists (and How to Start Without a Crystal Ball)
Feed Your Curiosity and Hone Your Intuition. My curiosity often gets me into weird but fascinating corners of the (digita...
The Overthinker’s Trap: Why Your Brain Might Be Holding You Back.
Thinking Is Your Superpower...Until It Isn't. The Overthinker's Trap Ambitious overthinkers have a problem: the indust...
information overload dopamine
Mind on Overload: When Knowledge Becomes a Burden.
Are You hooked on information? When was the last time you walked without distraction? Watched a movie without your phone? Use...
modern world technology ancient brain attention economy comfort crisis
Overwhelmed by the Modern World: Navigating the Challenges of Today’s Digital Environment
I'd rather chop wood than engage on X IN TODAY’S BENTO BOX Why is is so easy and -at the same time- so hard to achieve...
Intentional Life Chaos
Beyond the Chaos: Crafting a Deliberate Life in a Distracted World
Do more of what truly matters. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the r...
Stress can help
Stress: Your Unexpected Ally in Personal Growth
From drowning in stress to riding the waves. People stress out about stress. Stress, a word that instinctively tightens...
Bento Box Newsletter 1
Mental Declutter: Unpacking Mental Overload & Crafting Calm!
Shed the Cognitive Excess & Reclaim Your Peace, One Thought at a Time! SO, WHAT’S IN TODAY’S BENTO BOX? Lightening ...