Growth and development for real people.

Most of us want to be more productive, organized, think positively, develop, and show everyone around that our life is nothing but smooth sailing.

I help smart, ambitious but scattered people – often Aspiring Solopreneurs – who struggle with focus, procrastination, motivation, overwhelm and follow-through.

And sometimes that might be true. But not for everyone and not always. There might be a time when we function like a well-oiled machine, we put checkmarks next to every item on our to-do list, only to give up a moment later, falling on the couch with a bag of popcorn and binge watch Netflix. And that is not something we would like to share with the world; we would rather keep it private, at the bottom of our drawer.

For many of us, life is a constant ebb and flow of victories and setbacks. That’s what makes us human. It’s normal. What’s not normal, though, is the expectation of instant, significant habit changes or adopting new behaviors overnight.

The self-help industry might tantalize us with such promises, but the reality is often different. Even the most impressive productivity tools and hacks require something more fundamental – a readiness to embrace change.

This readiness isn’t about sweeping transformations. True change is gradual.

It’s about acknowledging that slow is the new fast, and small is the new big. I believe in growth and productivity that resonates with real people – those of us who yearn for change but are all too familiar with the hurdles of procrastination, motivation, and discipline.

As a Certified Digital Wellbeing Coach and Coaching from Essence Coach, my approach is holistic. I believe in flourishing and productivity that’s rooted in a strong WHY.

It’s about Systems Thinking and Design Thinking – using these as tools not just for problem-solving, but for crafting a life well-lived.

My 15 years as a photographer have honed my ability to see the unseen, to capture moments that others might overlook. Similarly, my years as a linguist and studying cultures have ingrained in me a deep appreciation for communication and the subtle nuances that define human interaction. These experiences enrich my coaching, allowing me to approach each individual’s journey with a unique perspective.

I believe any lasting change can only start with awareness, with stopping, observing, seeing, changing, and repeating the whole process often.

It’s about starting where you are and with what you have, one little thing after another. In the spirit of continuous change and kaizen approach.