Getting Stuff Done.

Why setting goals is not the answer.

I was a master planner and visionary. I would plan how much I would save in a year, write down goals – all very SMART. I checked my email 25 times a day, read motivational articles, install new apps, but nothing lasted very long.

But then, there was just that one little problem: I actually had to do things, however, for different reasons, I did not want to. But I had to. But I didn’t want to. So I would do a lot of other things instead – my house was always spotless around tax return time or when I was supposed to edit thousands of photos.

I would buy expensive gear, new workout clothes, new workout programs, and gym memberships. NOTHING WORKED. I would do something for a bit, get discouraged, find excuses, forget all about it, and later convince myself. It wasn’t even that important to me. I would make all those plans and then stopped that altogether. Eventually, I would lose self-belief and trust. After all, I had many proofs that I could not be trusted when it came down to keeping my word and sticking to my commitments. Why would you waste time planning if you knew nothing would happen anyway?!

Sounds familiar? Welcome to the world of procrastination.

Stop. Reflect. Improve. (Repeat often)

Life is about the big things and the little things and trying to strike a balance. Feeling overwhelmed, we procrastinate. We set goals but don’t follow through.

But then, something changed. Instead of ambitious goals and plans, I decided to do something small but still do it.

I also dramatically lowered my expectations because what was there to lose? And for the first time, I would observe how things happen and my own reactions instead of just accepting that ‘it is what it is.’ I discovered the power of forming habits, increased awareness, and continuous, albeit small, improvement.

All of the changes seemed very small and insignificant at first. Still, after a while, there was a crack in my wall of procrastination. I just shifted my entire approach and understanding of what procrastination was and how habits are formed. And it was – still is – a fascinating journey I would now like to share with you.

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