How the Yin and Yang of Self-Leadership Help You Navigate the Quest to Your Dreams, Even if You’re in a Knee-Deep Mud.

How does navigation work?

It gathers information on where you are (your reflection time in the self-leadership nomenclature).

It then compares it to the information of where you’re trying to get — planning.

It’s a constant — and hopefully fluid — communication between the two data points.

As you move, the navigation updates your location and looks for possible ways to reach your destination.

It basically course-corrects all the time.

Sometimes you get a warning message that you can accept or ignore, but its only job is to keep finding options for getting to a place you picked.

The Yin and Yang of self-leadership.

You can be great at planning, goal-setting, and creating mood boards for your dreams on Pinterest, but if you don’t pair it with some solid, consistent action, you will only drown in your fancy bullet journals and wasted potential.

I am not saying planning and reflection are bad things, not at all!

They are, in fact, crucial steps you do not want to skip.

But all that has to be paired with taking action.

This is the Yin & Yang of self-leadership, where the Big Picture is:

  • planning,
  • values,
  • purpose
  • and other big life questions,

And then, what I call the Daily Grind is:

  • the execution of said goals,
  • the ins and outs of how to manage our energy and emotions:
  • sustaining motivation (The Good Cop)
  • sufficient self-discipline (The Bad Cop)

Let’s start with The Big Picture.

Where do you want to get? Why there? What’s in it for you? Do you have what it takes to get there, or should you focus on getting your resources first?

To Paris or Bangkok?

And, most importantly, where are you right now?

Not where you’d rather be, not where you think you are, but where you really are.

That makes all the difference in getting you to your destination.

It’s one thing to devise a plan to get you to Bangkok if you’re in Moscow and a different one if you’re currently in Reykjavik.

The Big Picture part of self-leadership is like a map.

But it’s important to remember that the map is not the territory.

You can have an idea of where you’re headed, but you most certainly don’t have all the real-life data.

And then, there’s The Daily Grind, aka Execution.

You can plan and dream all you want about your trip to Bangkok (or Paris) and manifest it through raising your vibrations while sipping on your green smoothie, but that alone won’t get you there (although many would argue with me).

You also need to take action.

And not just once but consistently until you reach your destination.

Yes, you can stop for a quick bite, do some sightseeing on the way, and obviously get some proper rest.

But if you get too distracted by the Sirens’ song (every other shiny object showing on your horizon), you may never make it.

And sometimes it’s OK!

Sometimes, along the way, you find something you couldn’t have imagined when living in Reykjavik (or Moscow) that checks all your boxes, and you decide THIS is your place on earth.

But be wary of the fun, but unimportant things, that sidetrack you from your true heart’s desires.

It’s very easy to give up early.

You set out on a quest, things happen, you grow tired, it is no longer fun, and the destination is still miles and miles away.

I get it!

When that happens (because it will happen), you must send your goals to a chiropractor for re-alignment.

It is best not to quit your quest when you are:

  • tired
  • hungry
  • sad

Give yourself some time, dig deeper, and most importantly: GET SOME REST FIRST; read through your initial Intentions (you should write them down and keep them close for a rainy day), and try walking a bit more.

When you get some TLC, proper rest, AND start moving again, chances are, the sun will come out of the clouds, you may meet someone else walking in a similar direction to keep you company, and you’ll feel relieved you hadn’t quit.

Going after your dreams is often a quest in uncharted territory.

It’s a marathon on short sprints and, sometimes, wading through mud.

So grab your compass (your values and purpose) and enjoy!

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