How to Leave the Purgatory of Half-Finished Projects and Start Finishing What You Start.

Become a Finisher.

Some of us have problems with starting what we know we should do (procrastination), while others have a problem finishing what they’ve started (Chasing Shiny Objects).

Fun fact: many of us suffer from both and live in the purgatory of half-eaten pies.

We dabble into things; we get excited about new things and have a hard time committing to anything. We stall. Ultimately, we’re busy and, at the same time, stuck as fuck.

This ship has sailed because nothing got shipped.

Nothing ever gets shipped, but we are also immersed in this funny concept called TIME.

If you believe in the existence of time, you know that even if you don’t make a decision, that is a decision.

Years later, you are still trying to tap into your potential while drowning in the hope that some magic pill can fix your twisted mind.

And let me tell you, there is no shortage of crooks ready to sell you snake oil.

When to commit and when to quit?

Here’s a piece of advice from Scott H Young:

Before you start any activity that will last more than a day, decide whether it should be mentally categorized as an experiment or commitment.

If you decide something is an EXPERIMENT, it is:

  • OK to quit
  • is just a way to test the waters
  • you purposefully lower the bar to try something without pressure
  • agree to a shorter time-frame
  • evaluate your results and whether you want to continue

COMMITMENTS, on the other hand, are:

  • need to be taken to the finish line
  • the goal is not to break your finisher’s habit
  • unless it becomes impossible to continue, you need to carry on

Having the two categories gives you two things:

  1. It gives you the power to finish the things that matter to you — whether you’re motivated or not.
  2. It makes you more cautious about entering into commitments, but the commitments you decide to have better odds of success.

It’s time for you to stop starting, and start finishing!

Get in the habit of finishing things and become a finisher.

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