Seeds of Change

Creating habits that stick
Even if you’re like a new non-stick frying pan.

“Seeds” are for those who stopped trusting themselves, give up easily, are low on discipline and willpower,

but never run out of excuses

See a sea change with tiny ‘seeds of change’

Our behavior is programmable. You just need to know the code.

Here’s a list of common struggles we face when it comes to creating positive habits:

  • Waiting for a better time
  • Trying to develop habits, but none of them ever sticks
  • Struggling with perfectionism
  • Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged
  • Relying on willpower and discipline
  • Always starting but rarely finishing (oscillating instead of advancing)

We’re focusing on habits because they are the hardest and most important thing to get right.

The Seeds of Change” are small habits that, if planted at the right time and in the right place, have the potential to grow into a mighty tree.

THE SEEDS OF CHANGE” are for those who:

  • Tend to procrastinate.
  • Tried to change many times, but failed to do so
  • Stopped believing change is even possible to change
  • Overthink things and suffer from perfectionism

Seeds of Change are for you if:

  • You’re great at starting but struggle with finishing. You’re a free spirit and don’t like rigid boundaries. You usually take the path of least Resistance.
  • If you tried and failed many times before, you probably blame yourself and your lack of discipline.
    The good news: it’s essentially not about YOU.

The whole system is flawed, and we need to address that.

We are drowning in self-help, life hack-athlon! Different touts are trying to convince us‚ it’s the only way. It is NOT.

We are a complex system of interrelated things, and dealing only with one isolated issue will most likely not lead to the deep, lasting change we are looking for.

But the real thing I want you to achieve is to regain trust in your abilities to changecommit to something, and build your self-efficacy.

It’s not about creating any particular habit, but about trusting that you can and know how to do it.

You could say it’s the habit of creating good habits.


You’ll get a practical, down-to-earth, and beautifully illustrated ebook that will finally help you create positive, lasting habits.


When you purchase the ebook – you’ll be invited to my Circle Community for some additional hand-holding and accountability, where we can tweak your habits and further improve your ‘stickiness’.

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