Growth and development for real people.

Most of us want to be more productive, organized, think positively, develop, and show everyone around that our life is nothing but smooth sailing.

And sometimes that might be true. But not for everyone and not always. There might be a time when we function like a well-oiled machine, we put checkmarks next to every item on our to-do list, only to give up a moment later, falling on the couch with a bag of popcorn and binge watch Netflix. And that is not something we would like to share with the world; we would rather keep it private, at the bottom of our drawer.

For many of us, it’s a constant battle – we win sometimes and lose another. And it’s ok, that’s what makes us humane. And it’s ok, it’s normal. There’s nothing to be afraid of. What is not normal is to make significant habit changes in an instant, to adopt a new behavior spontaneously.

A large segment of self-help books and courses gives us hope that it may be possible, but it’s just not very probable. We may think we have found the magic bullet, get our hopes high, maybe even try something for a bit and then move on to the next promise (always there, waiting). There’s a growing array of all kinds of productivity tools: apps and planners, productivity hacks, and as impressive as they are, we need first to prime ourselves to know how to start using them and stick to it.

It’s about a deeper level of change. And when we consider change, slow is the new fast and tiny is the new great. I like to think of it as of growth and productivity for real people: for all of us, who want changes in our lives but fail to procrastination, lack of motivation, and self-discipline.

I believe any lasting change can only start with awareness, with stopping, observing, seeing, changing, and repeating the whole process often. It’s about starting where you are and with what you have, one little thing after another. In the spirit of continuous change and kaizen approach.